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We are leader in logistic service

We connect shippers with the carriers to handle the negotiation of freight rates, optimize transportation routes, arrange transportation, optimize shipping logistics and handle insurance claims on behalf of shippers.

Our mission

Our mission is to prospect business worldwide to determine the client’s shipping and receiving needs, while making meaningful connections and providing top-rate customer service.

Our vision

Our vision is to connect people, businesses and communities to a better future through logistics. We aim to become the world's preferred Freight company applying service quality

Type of Freights

Air Freigh

Air freight parcel delivery is the transfer and shipment of goods via an air carrier, which may be charter or commercial. Such shipments travel out of commercial and passenger aviation gateways to anywhere planes can fly and land. This is considered a valuable option for time sensitive shipments to almost anywhere in the world. This is mostly used in combination with other forms of shipping like marine, rail or road. We deal with customs brokers that negotiate the vast array of options and determine the most applicable means to ensure expedient and on-time delivery

Rail In Freight

: Rail freight uses trains to transport goods from one location to another by railway. Some of the goods transported by rail include automotive, forest products, raw construction materials, among others. Rail freight is much faster than ground freight and ocean freight. Rail freight is ideal for bulky materials because the weight doesn’t matter, unlike when on roads. Trains can transport goods of any weight which can’t be shipped through roads. In addition, rail freight is fast because the train doesn’t make any stops between the pick-up and drop-off points, and traffic doesn’t play a role.

Ocean Freight

A method of transporting large quantities of goods, usually packed in shipping containers, by sea. Ocean freight service is generally more cost-effective than air freight service, but it is also slower and more prone to longer delays. It also works in association with road and rail frieght.

International Road Freight

International road freight transport is defined as the transport by road between two places (a place of loading and a place of unloading) in two different countries irrespective of the country in which the vehicle is registered.

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Covers wide range of geographical area
Cares about client’s needs and reputation
Deliver on time
Value your time
Fictionless delivery of goods
Offer live tracking of your loads
Connected with variety of means of transport

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